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Can I print in color in the library?

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Yes! Select a color printer when sending a document to print from a library computer, or use the UMKC Web Print website to upload a document from your laptop and send to a color printer in the library at one of these locations:

  • Miller Nichols Library across from the Service Desk on the first floor
  • Music/Media computer lab on the ground floor of Miller Nichols Library
  • Health Sciences Library across from the Service Desk

Release your print job at a printer by swiping your UMKC ID card, typing in your student ID number, or scanning the QR code at the printer.

Note: if you're not on campus, log in to the UMKC VPN to use Web Print.

Coronavirus Information
Due to the spread of COVID-19, all physical library facilities are closed until further notice. The library will continue to provide online resources and services only. FAQ answers regarding physical spaces or materials may not be correct for the duration of the COVID-19 situation.

Ask for clarification via chat, text or email.