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Does the library have computers with webcams?

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Yes! The computers on the first and second floors of Miller Nichols Library have built-in webcams that pop up from the top of the monitor. Bring your own headphones and microphone. 

Headphones without microphones are available to borrow at the service desks on the first floor of Miller Nichols Library and in the Health Sciences Library.

At Miller Nichols Library, the computer in the Presentation Practice Room MNL 108A has a webcam. The room can be reserved up to one week in advance. Reserve the Presentation Practice room online.

To see if other UMKC campus labs have computers with webcams, check with UMKC Information Services

Coronavirus Information
Due to the spread of COVID-19, all physical library facilities are closed until further notice. The library will continue to provide online resources and services only. FAQ answers regarding physical spaces or materials may not be correct for the duration of the COVID-19 situation.

Ask for clarification via chat, text or email.