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How do I select a topic for my research or paper?

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Are you struggling to choose a research topic? Here are some things to consider:

  • Know your assignment parameters, and choose a topic that fits. Does the assignment provide you with any guidelines on what your topic should be?
  • Choose something that's of interest to you. If you don't feel engaged with your topic, the research and writing are going to be boring for you. Think back on what you've covered in class. Is there a subject that grabbed your attention? How might you explore it further?
  • Focus your topic to fit the project. Once you've decided on a general topic idea, do some searching in a library database or a news site. This is a good way to see how others have approached that subject. Narrow in on an approach that's manageable and of interest to you. You can always broaden your scope if you can't find enough materials on your topic.
  • Still unsure? Talk to your instructor, review this topic tutorial, or chat with a librarian. We'd be happy to guide you toward the right topic and scope for your project.